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Solar Power Mole Repeller - Animal & Pest Control
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- Effectively Repels Unwanted Moles & Underground Pests * Built-in Solar Panel: Smart Self-Charging System * Rechargeable Battery Powered Design, Battery Included * Safely Uses Ultrasonic Vibrations to Make Pests Flee * Rugged Marine Grade Waterproof Construction * Integrated Spike for Outdoor In-Ground Mounting * Perfect for Gardens, Front Yards, Back Yards, Flowering Areas * Deters Moles, Voles, Gophers, Ground Hogs & Similar Rodents * Power ON/OFF Switch Technical Specs: * Coverage Area: Up to 7,000 foot + Square Feet * Battery Type: One x 'AA' Rechargeable, 800mAh * Marine Grade Waterproof Rating: IP-65 * Construction Material: Engineered ABS * Ultrasonic Frequency: 40-10kHz * Power Consumption: 15mAh