Tamper-Proof Anti-Theft iPad Kiosk Safe Security Public Floor Stand, Holder, Public Display Case with Adjustable Height & Cable Management (Compatible with iPads 2/3/4/Air)
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* Anti-Theft Floor Standing Kiosk for iPads.
* Works with iPad 2, 3, 4 & iPad Air.
* Secure Tamper-Proof iPad Security.
* Home Button Accessible.
* Tilt Adjustable iPad Holder Case.
* Landscape or Portrait iPad Mounting.
* Rugged, Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction.
* Internal Cable Routing and Cable Management.
* Foam Padding Inside to Prevent Damage and Scratches.
* Includes Anchors & Screws to Properly Secure Base
* Vertically Adjustable By 90 Degrees .
* Pole Height: 27.56-in .
* 43.31-in
* Base Dimension: 17.40-in x 13.62-in