Pure Clean Steam Floor Mop & Sweeper Deodorizer & Sanitizer for Deep Cleaning of Hard Floor Surfaces & Carpets
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* Naturally Cleans with Hot Steam Vapor
* Deodorizes and Sanitizes While you Clean
* Works on All Sealed Hard Floor Surfaces
* Quickly Sanitizes and Disinfects
* Produces Superheated Steam
* Simple Operation Single-Touch Steam Activation
* Includes Heavy-Duty Microfiber Cleaning Pads
* Tested to Kill 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria
* Uses Tap Water - No Chemicals or Cleaning Solutions Required
* Removable 19 oz.
Refillable Water Tank
* Built-in 1500 Watt Heating Element
* Easy to Clean and Removable Dirt Container
* Simple Toe-Touch Activated Sweeper
* Works on Wood, Vinyl, Tile and Carpet
* Comes with Carpet Glider Cleaning Attachment Accessory and Microfiber Cleaning Pads
*Additional Cleaning Pads & Accessories Available - Email or Call
* Power Cord Length: 16.5 ft
* Dimensions (W x H): 47.0-in x 10.5-in (Folded: 31.5-in x 11.0-in )
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 10.76 lbs.
Use the active power of super-heated steam to achieve a new level clean.
The Pyle Pure Clean Dual Steam Mop and Sweeper will help you achieve a Natural and Chemical-Free clean that makes your home healthier and safer for children and pets.
Let the steam do the work and save yourself from the strain and discomfort from scrubbing.
With a single pull of the trigger, the steam mop produces high-heat water vapors that eliminate harmful germs and bacteria.
Insert water into the removable water tank and you're ready to clean - no harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions required.
Simply wipe the surface clean for instant deep cleaning, dusting or mopping.
Use it on any sealed hard floor surface - you can even sanitize your carpets.
Deodorize and Sanitize your home for a Natural Clean with the Pure Clean Steam Mop.