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Garment Steamer Wand - Compact Handheld Fabric Steamer Iron
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- Quick, Convenient & Safe Wrinkle Reduction * Fully-Automatic Continuous Steam Production * Self-Regulated Temperature Control * Hassle-Free Operation & Simple Plug-in Design * Anti-Wrinkle: Freshens Garments and Removes Wrinkles & Creases * Uses Tap Water * No Chemicals or Cleaning Solutions Required * Includes Creasing Tool & Accessory Kit * Used for Clothing, Fabric, Linens, Furniture and More What's in the Box: * Garment Steamer * Lint & Fabric Attachment * Crease Tool Attachment * Water Refill Cup * Base Stand Technical Specs: * High-Powered Heating Element: 1000 Watt * Reaches Max.
Temp of 356 Degrees F * Provides up to 15 Minutes of Steam on Full Tank * Water Tank Capacity: 220mL * Power Cord Length: 5.9ft..
* Power: 120V * Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.8-in x 3.9-in x 4.7-in