175 Watt Max 12-in Amplified subwoofer w/Twin tuned ports
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Manufacturer: AUDIOSOURCE

* 175 Watt Max 12-in Amplified subwoofer.
* 180-degree Phase reversal switch.
* High and low level inputs.
* Twin front ports.
* Detachable grill.
* Front panel volume control behind grill.
* Front panel 40Hz-200Hz variable crossover control.
* Indicator light.
* 175W@<1% THD.
* Auto on control Signal sensing Power On.
* 110V or 220 V AC.
* Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB.
* Sensitivity: Variable, 100mV to 0.8V for rated.
* Depth:16.95-in x Height:16.71-in x 14.96-in Width.