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Flextreme Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones, 8GB Built-in Memory
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- Made to Fit: Bendable, Adjustable, Flexible * Quick Connect: Combination Charging & Data Transfer Cable * Easy 'Drag & Drop' Audio Music File Management * Submergible Waterproof Construction * 8 GB Integrated Flash Memory * Built-in Rechargeable Battery * Universal Size for All Head Shapes * Comfortable Non-Interfering Headphones * Flexible Wrap-Around Style Perfect for Sports * USB Port Connection * Simple Touch Button Controls * Includes Replacement Earbuds * Designed for Swimming, Running, Fitness, Exercise What's in the Box: * MP3 Player Headphones * USB Charge / Data Transfer Clip Cable * Three Pair Water-Blocking Earbuds (In-Water Use) * Three Pair Active Sport Earbuds (On-Land Use) Technical Specs: * Marine Grade IPX8 Waterproof Rating * Digital Audio File Support: MP3, WMA * Battery Charge Time: 2 Hours * Battery Life: About 10 Hours * Lithium Battery: 200mAh * Speaker Type: NdFeB, 9mm * Speaker Rated Power: 5mW * USB 2.0 High-Speed Data Transfer * Frequency Response: 20Hz * 20kHz * Signal Distortion: 70dB