7-in Dual Channel IR Headrest Monitor
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* Two Auxiliary A/V Input
* Dual Channel IR Transmitter
* Wired Headphone Output
* Low Refection TFT-LCD Monitor
* Ultra Bright LED Backlighting
* Selectable Aspect Modes
* Preset/Manual Image Control
* Dimmer Control
* Remote Control
* NTSC/PAL Selection
* 480-in x 234 (16:9) Image Resolution
* Cutout Dimensions: 7-in w x 4.75-in h x .75-in d
* 2 A/V Inputs
* Enjoy up to 2 entertainment sources like game console & DVD player thanks to dual audio & video inputs.
Dual inputs eliminate the need for a multi-source video switcher.
Front panel buttons or included remote control can select either source input.
* Dual IR Transmitter
* 2 passengers will enjoy their movie or game w/clear audio transmission to their headphone thanks to dual channel IR transmitters.
Each monitor can transmit on its own frequency channel, preventing any audio interference between headphones.