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Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control Navigation, Mop & Sweep Cleaning Ability
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- Robot Vacuum with Sweep, Mop & Clean Ability * Automatic Self-Charge & Return to Docking Station * Controlled Navigation Cleaning via Included Remote Control * Five Selectable Cleaning Modes * Low-Profile Design Slides Underneath Furniture * Configurable Timer Setting for Pre-Set Cleaning Schedules * Detachable Mopping Pad for Floor Polishing * Built-in Rechargeable Battery * Dual Rotating Sweeping Brushes * Unique Gyro Sensing Technology * Integrated Sensors for Anti-Falling & Anti-Collision * Digital LCD Display Panel with Simple One-Button Operation * Works on Hardwood, Linoleum, Tile, Low/Hard Carpet Floors What's in the box: * Robot Vacuum Cleaner * Charging Dock Station * Dustbin Filter * Mop Pad Attachment * Two Mopping Cloths * Two Side Sweeping Brushes * Power Adaptor Technical Specs: * System Power Output: 20 Watt MAX * Floor-Space Coverage Area: Up to 650'+ Square Feet * Suction Power: Up to 1000 Pa, Air Watt Pressure * Battery Type: 2000mAh, Li-ion 11.1V * Working Time: 80-100 Minutes After Full Charge * Charge Time: ~4-5 Hours * Dustbin Capacity: 0.4L * Noise Level: <60dB * Housing Material: Engineered ABS * Power: 110-240V (15V Power Adapter) * Vacuum Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 11.2-in x 3.0-in