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Pure Clean Handheld Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner, Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Multi-Surface Bag-less Suction Cleaning, Accessory Attachment Kit
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- Cyclone 'Power-Spin' Vacuum Technology * High-Powered Suction Motor * Cordless & Portable: Built-in Rechargeable Battery * Removable Battery & Charging Dock for Convenience * Transparent 'See-Through' Waste Container * Built-in HEPA Filter for Capturing Extra Fine Dust & Dirt * Extending Tube Arm for Hard-to-Reach Areas * Quick & Easy Disposal of Waste Bin Tray * Hassle-Free Bag-less Operation * Lightweight & Compact Design * Rugged & Reliable Performance * Includes Vacuum Extension Arm * Simple Button Control * Multi-Surface Cleaning Ability * Perfect for the Home or OfficeAccessory Kit Included: * Floor Attachment * Corner Nozzle Attachment * Rotating Brush Attachment * Battery Charge Dock & Storage Station * HEPA FilterTechnical Specs: * MAX Power: 130 Watt * Waste Bin Capacity: 0.5L * Vacuum Suction Power: Up to 11kPa * Construction Material: Engineered ABS * Average Charge Time: 3.5 Hours * Power: 120V * Dimensions: 30.0-in x 12.6-in x 5.5-in