26-in Tenor Ukulele Kit w/Bag, Picks, Pitch Pipe,Straps, Maple/Brown Color
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* Tenor / Concert-Style Ukulele
* Adjustable Machined Tuner Key Pegs
* Black Nylon 4-String Uke
* Dark-Wood Color Finish
* Easily Tunable
* 12 Fret Fretboard
* Fretboard / Body Material: Linden Plywood
* Bridge / Neck Material: Hard Wood
* Scale Length: 16-in Inches
* Total Instrument Length: 25-in Inches
* Includes Pick, Pitch Pipe and Black Gig Bag for Storage / Transport
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 2.34 lbs.
The Pyle PUKT12BR tenor / concert-style instrument has a slightly larger body size than your standard soprano ukulele.
The larger uke size allows the player to have more freedom to maneuver around the fretboard, and generally, produce a bigger sound.
Giving your arms more room to work with gives the instrument the ability to create a warmer, more authentic tone.
It's perfect for beginner uke players and sounds great for playing solo, with a singer or even playing with a band.
The Pyle PUKT12BR ukulele is easy to play and fun for all ages!