18-in Powered subwoofer speaker system w/300 Watt Built-in Amp
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Manufacturer: PEAVEY

Features a power section that provides 300 watts power for the woofer w/Peavey-exclusive DDT compression.
Featuring a 18-in heavy duty woofer, the PV 118D provides a balanced XLR input jack, balanced XLR output w/switchable thru/high pass filter, speaker level input, & volume level control.
In the event of ground-loop hum between connected equipment, the PV 118D also features a ground-lift switch.
Designed to complement the PV family of enclosures, this ported subwoofer utilizes an 18-in heavy duty woofer w/3-in voice coil, & 65 oz.
- DDT(tm) compression
- Crossover frequency 120 Hz
- Bass contour circuit
- 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover
- 18-in heavy duty woofer
- Woofer Servo for reduced woofer distortion
- Peak SPL up to 119 dB w/music
- Female XLR mic- or line-level balanced input
- Male XLR thru, switchable either high-pass or thru
- One 1/4-in phone jacks for speaker-in capability
- Bi-amplified Class D powered system w/300 W total power
- Weight Unpacked: 79.81 lb(36.2 kg)
- Weight Packed: 85.54 lb(38.8 kg)
- Width Packed: 25-in(63.5 cm)
- Height Packed: 29.5-in(74.93 cm)
- Depth Packed: 22.875-in(58.1025 cm
The powered loudspeaker system shall have a frequency range from 38 Hz to 120 Hz.
The peak SPL w/inaudible distortion shall reach 119 dB w/music as a source, when measured at a distance of 1 meter & driven to full output capacity.
The system shall utilize an 18-in heavy-duty woofer.
The powered loudspeaker system shall have a two medium impedance input connectors consisting of one female XLR & one 1/4-in TRS phone jack located on the rear panel.
A volume control shall be provided.
The rear panel shall also provide a balanced XLR line-level output.
A switch shall control whether the output is a full bandwidth (thru) or a high-pass output w/a corner frequency of 120 Hz, & a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filter characteristic.
The system power amplifiers shall have an unfiltered frequency response of 10 Hz to 30 kHz which deviates no more than +0, -1 dB up to rated power, a damping factor greater than 100 at 1 kHz into 8 ohms, hum & noise better than 90 dB below rated power, & THD & IMD of less than 0.1%.
Each woofer amplifier shall be capable of1so W into an 8-ohm nominal load, providing a total of 300 watts into the dual voice-coil woofer.
Both amplifier channels shall incorporate independent DDT compression.
The enclosure shall be constructed of3/4-in MDF.
A metal handgrip shall be provided on each side of the enclosure.
A powder-coated metal grille shall be provided for woofer protection.
The cabinet shall incorporate a pole mount for speaker stand use, four sturdy rubber feet for floor standing use.
The outside dimensions shall be: 27" tall x 21.9-in wide x 19.6-in deep, & the weight shall be 76 lbs.
Power requirements shall be: 100-Watts nominal (1/8 audio power), 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz Domestic & 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Export).
The loudspeaker system shall be called the Peavey PV 118D.
Frequency Range, (-10 dB, half space) 38 Hz to 120 Hz Frequency Response (+/- 3dB anechoic) 46 Hz to 90 Hz Sensitivity (lW, 1m): 95 dB
Maximum SPL: 119 dB
Transducer Complement: 18-in Heavy-duty woofer w/3-in voice coil, & 65 oz.
Box Tuning Frequency: Low Frequency Section 46 Hz
Crossover Frequency: 120 Hz
Nominal Impedance (Z): 8 Ohms
Input Connections: Line level XLR jack input, speaker level 1/ 4-in phone jack input
Output Connections: Line-level XLR jack output, switch able to either Thru mode, or High Pass Filter mode
Enclosure Materials & Finish: MDF covered in Black Carpet
Dimensions (H x W x D): 27.00-in X 21.88-in x 19.63-in / 686 mm x 556 mm x 499 mm
Net Weight: 76 lbs.
84.5 kg)