The PVi 6500 is a revolutionary all in one powered mixer w/FLST Feedback Locating System w/Master Mute for Channels 1-5
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Manufacturer: PEAVEY

The Peaveyr PVir 6500 is a revolutionary all in one powered mixer.
Everything a musician needs providing up to 6 simultaneous combination XLR & 1/4-in inputs using Peavey's award winning Silencerr mic preamps, & 400 watts of power for crystal clear audio reproduction.
The Peavey PVi 6500 uses exclusive & patented features like Mid Morph EQ to accurately help improve tone & clarity of vocals.
Feedback is quickly & easily identified & removed w/Peavey's 9 band graphic EQ combined w/our patented & revolutionary FLS Feedback Locating System.
The PVi 6500 is equipped w/Kosmos, which drastically enhances both the low & high end of the audio spectrum & is exclusively Peavey technology.
Footswitchable built in 24 bit digital effects compliment the already feature packed unit by allow the user to select multiple varieties of reverb & delay.
Connect almost anything to this versatile mixer via the onboard 1/4-in, RCA & 1/8-in mini jacks.
* FLS Feedback Locating System
* Master Mute for Channels 1-5
* Combination XLR & 1/4-in input jack
* Footswitchable effects defeat & Master Mute
* Kosmosr -C
* 9-Band Graphic EQ
* RCA, 1/8-in Media input
* Dual power section w/independent control
* RCA Record outputs
* On-board 24 bit digital effects
* LED Meter bridge
* Mid-Morphr
* Power amp sub-sonic filtering
* 15 Volt Phantom Power
* Bluetoothr streaming audio
* Weight Unpacked: 20.02 lb(9.08 kg)
* Weight Packed: 22.29 lb(10.11 kg)
* Width Packed: 14-in(35.56 cm)
* Height Packed: 19.75-in(50.165 cm)
* Depth Packed: 13-in(33.02 cm)

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