4-Band 1/2 DIN Equalizer
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Manufacturer: POWER ACOUSTIK

* 2 Selectable Balanced Inputs
* Variable Stereo Input Sensitivity
* 4 Variable Frequency Bands ± 18dB Parametric Equalizer
* Independent Volume & Fader Control
* Independent Subwoofer Output & Level Control
* Variable Subwoofer Low-Pass Crossover
* 8V MAX Front, Rear, & Subwoofer Outputs
* Low Noise BI-FET Op-Amp for Minimum Distortion
* 20dB Headroom, 30V Bipolar Power Supply
* Blue LED Backlighting
* Quick Disconnect Wire Harness
* S/N Ratio 115dB at 1V
* THD:0.05%
* ± 18dB Parametric Equalizer
* Utilize 4 variable frequency bands w/± 18dB to tune your system.
Frequency bandwidths include 60-150Hz, 200-400Hz, 1.2-2.5kHz, & 7.5-15kHz.
* Selectable AUX Input
* PWM-20 an AUX input to integrate multiple sources, like game console, or MP3 player.
A front panel switch easily changes between sources.
* Subwoofer Level & Crossover
* The subwoofer level control conveniently adjusts the subwoofer output level.
A variable 30-250Hz low pass crossover filters out unwanted frequencies your subs can't play.