Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker & Hands Free Speaker-phone W/ AUx IN (Black Color)
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* Bluetooth Allows Wireless Music & Call Answering in the Shower * Compatible w/Any Bluetooth Media, MP3 Player or Smart Phone * Waterproof Protected Against Water Splashing from Any Angle * Hands Free Speaker Phone * Accept Calls while Showering w/Its Built In Microphone * Large Easy to Use Controls for Music Play Back & Answering Phone Calls * AUx: 3.5mm jack * Full range speaker * Rechargeable Through USB Cable Charger * Power source: DC 3.7V , 400mA * Impedance of speakers: 3W , 4 Ohm * Battery parameter: 3.7V 50mA * SNR: >60dB

Accessories: * 1 xUser manual * 1 xAudio cable connection cable w/3.5mm jacks * 1 xUSB CABLE * Sold as: Unit * Weight: 0.51 lbs.