1 Farad Capacitor w/Solid brass top Improves sound quality for cleaner mids & highs
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1 Farad energy storage reinforcement capacitor for amplifiers. * Platinum plated
* Improves sound quality - cleaner mids & highs
* Solid brass top helps reduce stripping
Low ESR (Equivilent Series Resistance).
16volt-20volt peak.
Solid brass top helps to reduce stripping, platinum plated.
The ESR of an electrolytic capacitor is normally just a small fraction of an Ohm for a high capacitance, low voltage capacitor (such as a 1000µF, 16V cap.) When the capacitor ages, this resistance increases, & it can completely cease to function.
It's very common to find capacitors that have degraded to 100 times their normal resistance, while their capacitance remains fine!
Rockford Fosgate capacitors are low ESR, resulting in long lasting, high performance energy storage.