Sixty-Four mixer for Serato plug-and-play 4-deck turntablist mixer DJ w/Magnetic Crossfader w/Internal 22-Channel Sound Card
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The Rane Sixty-Four mixer for Serato DJ is a plug-and-play 4-deck turntablist mixer w/two USB ports, software controls & internal effects.
You’ve mastered mixing & scratching on two channels.
Pushing the limit is in your nature & it’s time to raise the bar.
The Rane Sixty-Four mixer is the tool you need to step your game up.
More channels, more decks, more effects… Challenge accepted.
2014 Music & Sound Awards Nominee
Mixing four channels requires a wide variety of amazing transition effects, the ability to sync tracks, more flexible CUE & Loop capability & versatile transport & mixing capability.
The Rane Sixty-Four mixer & Serato DJ software provide the ultimate plug-and-play package, providing everything you need.
The mixer & software will feel familiar & intuitive while providing the advanced features you require to step your game up.
All the popular DJ & DAW programs can use the Sixty-Four as a 12-input 10-output sound card thanks to the included ASIO & Core Audio drivers.
The two USB ports are independent, so two DJs can share the mixer, each running a different program if they like.
Internal 22-Channel Sound Card
Why so many channels? The Sixty-Four is able to simultaneously support control-signal pickup & playback for four DVS Decks, provide USB send & return to allow insertion of Serato DJ iZotope effects post fader on your mixer & record the main mix, all at the same time.
When not using DVS, it is also possible to record all four decks post fader for music production & mix tape applications.
Dual USB Ports for Simple DJ Change Over
DJ change over is as easy as 1-2-3! w/a computer plugged into each USB port, simply switch a mixer input selector to the desired USB source & audio & MIDI are assigned.
Seamlessly switch from one DJ to the next using any combination of Serato DJ & 3rd party software.
Software Controls for Library, Loops, Cues, SP6 Sample Player, Sync & Slip
Take advantage of the Sixty-Four’s tight integration w/Serato DJ & control the software from dedicated, MIDI mappable controls on the mixer.
Quickly browse your library & crates to load tracks.
Control sync & slip transport functions from the mixer
Create, modify & trigger your auto loops.
Set & trigger eight cue points & loops on the fly.
Switch banks & trigger your samples w/quick & easy to access sample triggers.
Mixer tracks software BPM.
Magnetic Crossfader
The proprietary Rane magnetic fader is fast, accurate, & long lasting.
The design uses non-contact technology previously reserved for demanding aerospace & industrial applications.
No travel noise—no bleed—ever.
Rane's magnetic faders accurately translate hand motion into precise audio level control.
Non-contact fader technology is the only way to fully address the needs of the professional performance DJ.
3-Band Isolator EQs Plus High-Pass/Low-Pass Filter for Each Deck
Each deck on the Sixty-Four has its own dedicated 3-band isolator EQs & High-Pass/Low-Pass filters.
These controls allow you to take full control of your mix.
Use the full-cut EQs to tune it just the way you want it & use the High-Pass/Low-Pass filter knob to smoothly transition from one track to another or add effect.