RCF S8015

S8015 II 1000 W AES 15-in compact, high-output, bass reflex subwoofer
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The S8015 II is a compact, high-output, bass reflex subwoofer The system is equipped w/an advanced, hypervented 15-in RCF precision woofers.
It features massive ceramic magnet & high excursion 4-in copper voice coil.
This new woofer design is the result of the latest refinements in RCF experiences in compact active & passive subwoofer design, resulting in a fast & controlled reproduction of the bass frequency range.
Using bass-reflex loading the subwoofer design ensures an efficient acoustic response down to 30 Hz.
The cabinet is designed to achieve tight & maximised output.
The system is able to produce a Max SPL of 133 dB & handles 1000 Watts AES
The Baltic birch plywood enclosure is painted w/black, heavy duty, textured
The front is protected by a strong powder coated metal grille.
cabinet features two Neutrik Speakon connectors in a recessed input plate.
A M20 pole mount adaptor is provided on the top of the cabinet, integrated
hand carry points on the cabinet sides.
* 15 high-efficiency RCF Precision 4 voice-coil woofer w/Inside/ Outside Coil Technology
* 133 dB maximum sound pressure level
* Response down to 35 Hz
* Rectangular box enclosure w/protective metal grille
* 35 mm standard pole mount in top section of cabinet
* Baltic Birch cabinet painted w/black, heavy duty, textured epoxy
* Integrated hand carry points
* Low Frequency Enhancement
* Music Enhancement
* Special Effects Reinforcement
* Entertainment Systems
* Live Music Reinforcement
* Mid to Large Club Sound Systems
* Frequency response: 35 Hz to 200 Hz
* Max SPL: 133 dB
* Sensitivity 1W/1m: 98 dB
* Coverage angle: -
* Compression driver: -
* Midrange: -
* Woofer: 15-in neo, 4-in voice coil
* Power handling: 1500W
* Input signal (Impedance): 8 Ohms
* Input connector: Speakon NL4
* Output signal connector: Speakon NL4
* Crossover frequencies: -
* Protections: -
* Physical
* Cabinet: Baltic birch - Black epoxy coating
* Dimensions (HxWxD): 525 x 440 x 615 mm (20.66-in x 17.32-in x 24.21-in)
* Weight: 34 kg (74.8 lbs)
* Hardware: M20, Recessed side handles
* Handles: 2 on side
* Pole Mount: only AC PM M20
* Colour: Black epoxy coating