Single Channel Digital Compact 400 Watt Car Audio Amplifier ideal for Sub-woofers One Ohm Applications
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One Channel Car Audio Amplifier with 400WRMS, for 1 ohm application.
It has an entrance by RCA cable which is connected to the output of the CD Player / MP3.
This model is suitable for use in woofers, Drivers, Super Tweeters and Subwoofers this power range.
The SD400.1D is a class D amplifier that is, has digital architecture.
This ensures greater energy savings and lower heating.
* Technical specifications
* RMS power @ 14.4V 500W
* Maximum power 5000W PMPO
* Efficiency 95%
* Frequency Response 5Hz to 20kHz
* Input sensitivity 0.5V to 6V
* Supply voltage 12,6V (10V to 16V)
* FA Dumping Factor 400
* 00:01 harmonic distortion% THD + N @ 60W
* One Ohm Version
* HPF Cutoff variable 5Hz to 1kHz
* Cut Variable LPF 50Hz to 20KHz
* standby consumption <0.2A
* maximum consumption (resistive load) 40A
* maximum consumption (signal musical) 20A
* Weight (kg) 0.4kg
* Length (mm) 123
* Width (mm) 100
* Height (mm) 35
* SMD mounting Yes
* Battery and external fuse 50A
* power Cabling 10mm SQUARED
* audio output Cabling 1.5mm