Digital SD/USB Recorder with Mic/Line Mixer
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Many VocoPro fans asked for a simple method of recording their performances.
It had to be easy to use at a price that's affordable and not compromise on quality audio.
VocoPro presents the SDR-MIX, a microphone mixer with a digital SD recorder.
The stereo RCA inputs allow up to two (2x) music sources to be connected while the microphone jacks mix in any additional vocals.
The solid-state SD recorder can record hundreds* of hours of digital hi-resolution (192Kbps) audio directly to an SD Card or a USB thumb-stick.
The SDR-MIX operates just like the cassette recorders of the past, if you don't like a particular recording you can delete it right off the card or thumb-stick with no computer required! The SDR-MIX is perfect for churches, schools, or personal recording.
Try it out for your next sermon or karaoke night performance!
*Recording time dependant on SD card/USB flash drive storage capacity.

* Built-In Digital SD/USB Recorder
* Records at 192Kbps for CD Quality Audio
* Two RCA Stereo Inputs Available for Music
* Dual 1/4-in Microphone Input Jacks
* Stereo XLR Balanced Outputs
* Mic Effect Designed for Voice, Signing & Karaoke
* Delete Feature Removes Files Without Need For Computer
* Headphone Output with Dedicated Volume Control
* Compatible with SD Cards (SDHC) and USB Drives up to 32GB*
Rear Panel Connections:
* Channel A RCA Audio In
* Channel B RCA Audio In
* RCA Audio Out
* L and R XLR Audio Out
* Footpads
* Power Cable
* 2 RCA Audio Cables