Ultra High Power Competition Car Audio Amplifier 100 Kilo Watts FOR PRO USE ONLY requires From 18 to 30 batteries
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The Soundigital places on the market the revolution in HV system (High Voltage).
Containing several technological innovations, SD Unlimited II stands out for being so versatile that nothing compares in the world market.
This model has a source that charges the high-voltage batteries without the need to buy another separate source for this function.
Just add a 12V source in the input power of SDUnlimited II -SMD and he handles the burden of HV batteries.
It has a load voltage adjustment system that allows you to use multiple configurations impedances and batteries without any difficulty.
You can use it in 1, 0.5 or 0.25 ohms.
Thus he leads the way by being the first amplifier to accept impedances so low and so simple! And he has even better is its cost.
Nothing beats the cost, technology and quality audio SD Unlimited Power II.
be impressed by this innovation!
* 1 x 100,000 Watts RMS at 0.25, 0.5 or 1 ohm as quantity of batteries
* 92V to 435V
* From 18 to 30 batteries
* Internal supply to recharge the high-voltage batteries
* Level Adjustment
* HPF filter 20Hz variable 80 Hz , 12dB / 8th
* LPF filter 20Hz variable to 15kHz, 12dB / 8th
* RCA input
* frequency response of 20Hz to 15kHz
* Microcontroller Smart with full monitoring of amplifier functions (short protection, thermal, low battery)
* Ventilation Forced by microventilador
* LED Indicators(**) Power in Watts RMS with a stable supply voltage 12,6V.
* (***) Voltage above 14.4V should be applied only in competitive character
* (****) Shipping Weight and rounding for the purpose of freight calculation.
* (*****) Check the impedance in the pasted identification label on the amplifier