Professional 19-in Rack Mountable Sonic Enhancer
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Attain a new level of sonic clarity & definition w/the SE-690 Sonic Enhancer from VocoPro! w/the SE-690, you can individually fine-tune the low & high-end frequencies of your audio signal, providing superior sound & performance when listening or performing to your favorite music.
No more maximizing your tone controls, only to wish you had more! Experience the difference w/the SE-690 Sonic Enhancer from VocoPro, your ultimate choice in Vocal entertainment!
* Brings warmth to digital recordings & restores natural texture
* High frequencies sparkle & reveal richness & detail
* Low frequencies are tight, well-defined, harmonically rich & can be thunderous
* Shipping Dimensions: 10.5-in (L) x 20.5-in (W) x 5-in (H)
* Shipping Weight: 7 lbs