STEEZ On-Ear Stereo Professionally-inspired sound tuning w/deep bass w/In-line microphone & Interchangeable Color Earpads BAND COLOR: BLACK
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* Large 40 mm drivers
* Compact, folding, single-corded design
* Professionally-inspired sound tuning w/deep bass
* In-line microphone w/answer/end button*
* Steez Dubstep Headphones
* DJ feel & Color Customization
* From the makers of STEEZ, the first-ever line of audio systems geared toward dancers, comes a new family of headphones inspired by the emerging DJ & dance scene.
Fresh new styles, unique beat-emphasized sound tuning, & exclusive features these STEEZ headphones transcend the limits of how enthusiasts emotionally connect w/their music.
Let’s start w/the sound.
Pioneer is known as the #1 Professional DJ headphones brand & much of that technical know-how is now packed into the Steez Dubstep headphones to meet the demands of today’s younger, music-savvy clientele.
The Steez Dubstep headphones, w/a design reminiscent of Pioneer’s professional DJ headphones, include oversized 40mm drivers, swiveling earcups, & interchangeable color earpads.
The beat is the language of the DJ & dance scene.
STEEZ DUBSTEP headphones feature a unique EQ, emphasizing key instruments responsible for producing the dynamic, deep, soul-pounding beats listeners crave, all without distorting the most important part of the song, the lyrics.
Imagine in one package, quality private listening that features beat inspired sound tuning & great bass, along w/today’s functional needs.
The Steez DUBSTEP headphones feature an in-line mic w/answer/end call button.
“Portable sound-in is not just in slick boom boxes anymore, these designs were created to accommodate your phone too.
You can be lost in a tune & then take a call anywhere, right from your headphones, using the in-line mic w/answer/end button.
But great listening isn’t the only cool thing about these headphones they’re also stylish & customizable.
The plush & padded headset comes in black or white, offers a single sided cord, adjustable headband, swivel earcups & interchangeable color earpads.
Blue/Pink w/the white set & Red/Green on the black set for dynamic customization