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Arcade Fight Stick - Video Game Joystick Controller (for PS3, Xbox 360, PC Computer)
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Compatibility: * Universal Video Game Arcade Joystick * Can be Used as & Replaces Your Console Controller * Works with PS3, Xbox 360, PC Computer * Compatible with Sanwa Denshi Push-Buttons for Customization * Classic Fight Stick Pad Style * Hassle-Free Plug & Play Setup * Top Panel Button Control Center * Precision Ball-Top Direction Lever Joystick * Turbo Function with Adjustable Settings * Configurable Macro Button Controls * Headphone Jack, 3.5mm * Anti-Slip Rubber Table Grips * USB Wired Connection * Convenient Internal Power Cord Storage Slot Technical Specs: * Connector Type: USB Standard, Type A * USB Cable Length: 9.8ft..
(3 meters) * Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.3-in x 11.0-in x 5.6-in * *Not Compatible with Mac Computers