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Fiber Optic Otoscope / Auriscope - Internal Ear Inspection Instrument
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At-Home Doctor Visits to Safeguard Family Health * Fiber Optic Digital Light Design * Simple & Hassle-Free Operation * Precise Magnification for Close In-Ear Inspection * Also Used for Examining the Mouth and Nose Cavity * Bright LED Illumination Viewing * Compact Handheld Size * Includes Washable & Re-usable Ear Tips * Different Sizes for Inspecting All Ages form Children to Adults * Can Also be Used for Pet & Veterinarian Applications * Convenient Battery Operated System * Safety Certified & Quality Approved * Power ON / OFF Switch What's in the Box: * Otoscope Instrument * Changeable Ear-Tips (2.4, 3, 4, 5mm) * Two x 'AA' Batteries Technical Specs: * Bulb Type: XHL Xenon Halogen Model: 8108 (2.5V, 0.75 A) * Magnification: 3X * Luminance: 24 Lumen * Construction Materials: Engineered ABS * Battery-Operated, Requires: Two x 'AA' Batteries * Instrument Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.5-in x 1.6-in x 0.8-in