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Pure Clean Pressure Washer - Electric Outdoor Power Washer with High-Pressure Nozzle Wand
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- High-Powered Pressure Washer * Simple & Hassle-Free Plug-in Operation * Trigger Activated Spraying Nozzle * Input Valve for Directly Connecting Water Hose * Adjustable Water Flow Jet-Stream Spraying * Integrated Liquid/Detergent Bottle Dispenser * Selectable High-Pressure/Low-Pressure Modes * Water-Resistant Construction Housing * Convenient Handle & Rolling Wheels * Includes Attachment Accessory Kit * Universal Threaded Connectors * Used for Homes, Cars, Boats, RVs, Driveways & Decks What's in the Box: * Pressure Washer * High-Pressure Wand * Trigger Grip Sprayer * Water Hose, 16.5ft..
* Inlet Hose Connector Technical Specs: * Max.
Pressure: 2200 psi * Power Output: 1800 Watt * Water Flow: 6.0L Minute * Liquid/Detergent Bottle Capacity: 250 mL * Marine Grade Rating: IP-X5 * Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.0-in x 9.8-in x 28.7-in * Power Cord Length: 16.5ft..
* Power Supply: 120V