Andrew Jones Designed Center Channel Speaker w/Twin 4-in Woofers and Soft Dome Tweeter
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Manufacturer: PIONEER HOME

* Two 4-in Structured Surface Woofers
* 1-in High Efficiency Soft Dome Tweeter
* 6 Element Sophisticated Crossover
* 90 Watt Power Handling
(Two rear side wire connections; requires audio amplifier)

Introducing a remarkably affordable center channel speaker from Pioneer, the SP-C22.

Watch any movie on a home theater system, and the center channel speaker is where 50% of the soundtrack comes from, including the majority of the dialogue.
It keeps the sound anchored to the action on-screen.

The new Pioneer SP-C22 speaker does the job in stunning fashion utilizing dual woofers in a full-sized cabinet for enhanced vocal performance.
If you want your entertainment as real as it gets, the SP-C22 is one of the most important speakers you can own.

* RF Molded Curved Cabinet
* Two 4-in Structured Surface Woofers
* 1-in High Efficiency Soft Dome Tweeter
* Gold 5-Way Binding Posts
* 6 Element Sophisticated Crossover
* Oversized Magnets with Vented Pole Piece for Improved Bass Response
* Improved Sensitivity for More Efficient Power Input
* 90 Watt Power Handling
* Enclosure: Bass-reflex Center Channel
* Configuration:2-way
* Frequency Range:55 Hz-20 kHz
* Nominal Impedance:6 Ohms
* Sensitivity (2.83 V): 88 dB
* Maximum Input Power:90 W
* Cross-Over Frequency:3 kHz
* Magnetically Shielded:Yes
* Dimensions (W x H x D) :18-1/8-in x 7-1/8-in x 8-7/16-in
* Weight (each): 13 lbs 7 oz
* Woofer: 4-in (x2)
* Tweeter: 1-in