Car Battery ideal to replace or accompany an existing car battery w/5 Second Cranking Amps: 1200A
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Greater amounts of power available on demand for your audio system.
* Freedom to mount in any position without acid leakage.
* No terminal corrosion.
* Extremely fast recharge capability.
* More power per pound than any other battery.
* 3 Year Full Replacement Warranty *
* SPP1200 includes removable brass battery posts for installation flexibility.
* 12v Dry Cell Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (AGM)
* SPP Series Batteries are good for over 400 full discharge cycles.
* Internal resistance: <4.0 mOhms = Ability to quickly deliver power.
The lower the number the faster the delivery.
* 20 hour rate: 2.20A/44Ah
* 5 hour rate: 7.48A/37.4Ah
* 1/2 hour rate:55A/27.5Ah
* 5 Second Cranking Amps: 1200A
* CCA: 560A
* Watts: 2400
* Peak Discharge: >2600 A
* Weight: 44.86 lbs.
* Dimensions: (6.75-in H x 7.75-in W x6.5-in D)

* This battery is designed to replace an existing car or truck battery so long as the dimensions are largely the same.

Applications of this battery are as follows:

Use as a primary replacement for an existing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car battery.
Use to accompany an existing battery to help augment reserve power supply.