8 Ohm Supertweeter w/Barium Ferrite Magmet
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Manufacturer: SELENIUM

Super tweeter for outstanding detail & clarity in high-frequencies without harshness.
The St400 TRIO may be used individually in lower power systems or arrayed for increased coverage & SPL in higher power systems.
The base & diffuser are constructed of aluminum contributes to better heat dissipation of the coil moves, w/finish machining of diamond (diamond tool) & varnished.
The bullet-shape horn design offers a longer throw 40 Degrees x 40 Degrees dispersion.
The phenolic annular diaphragm is long-lasting, cost-effective & more natural-sounding than metallic diaphragms.
The use of high-temperature materials & adhesives improves power handling & produces exceptionally high acoustic output.
Together w/magnetic ring of aluminum ensuring a high-definition & efficiency across its fixed playback.
Connectors w/quick couplings
* Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
* Minimum impedance at 9,400 Hz: 7.8 ohms
* Frequency response at -10 dB: 4,000 to 20,000 Hz
* 40 x 40 degrees sound dispersion
* Recommended maximum program power while using crossover at 8000 Hz: 300 Watts
* Recommended maximum program power while using crossover at 5000 Hz: 200 Watts
* Diaphragm material: Phenolic
* Voice coil diameter:.42 (1.6) mm (in)