200W 3-Channel Active Vocal Monitor w/DSP Effects & SD Recorder
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Most performers these days are multi-taskers, so why shouldn't their gear be, too?
The Stage-Man is a heavy duty 200W powered wedge monitor that can double time as a practice amp at home.
We were able to achieve this by placing a heavy duty 200W amplifier & matched full-range speakers into the smallest wedge possible.
When the show is over, the wedge fits perfectly in the practice room at home where it will help you fine-tune your craft.
Singers will love the DSP effects that are designed especially for vocals, including reverb & hiss filtering.
Another exciting feature is the ability to digitally record your performances & rehearsals to SD card.
The digital SD card recorder is also a player, so you can not only record, but use it to play back bed tracks for practice or performances, too.
So whether it is the practice room by day, or the stage by night, or both, this hard working wedge is ready when you are!
* Small wedge design easily transports from stage to studio & can be mounted on a speaker stand for loudspeaker applications
* Built-in digital SD recorder to conveniently capture to SD card all performances & practice sessions
* Full compliment of DSP effects w/ON/OFF switch designed especially for vocals & spoken word
* Three channels w/connections for 2 microphones, MP3 player/laptop, & stereo audio device
* Individual loop jacks on each channel for connecting to external effects devices
* Five-band equalizer to fine-tune the sound of your source music
* Retain full control over your vocal sound on stage without the need of a soundman
* Weight: 36 lbs
STAGE-MAN: Does not include wireless mic modules