200W 3-Channel Active Vocal Monitor w/DSP Effects & Bluetooth receiver
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Most performers these days are multi-taskers, so why shouldn?t their gear be, too?
The Stage-Man is a heavy duty 200W powered wedge monitor that can double time as a practice amp at home.
We were able to achieve this by placing a heavy duty 200W amplifier & matched full-range speakers into the smallest wedge possible.
When the show is over, the wedge fits perfectly in the practice room at home where it will help you fine-tune your craft.
Singers will love the DSP effects that are designed especially for vocals, including reverb & hiss filtering.
So whether it is the practice room by day, or the stage by night, or both, this hard working wedge is ready when you are!
* Includes BT-1 Bluetooth receiver to play music from Bluetooth compatible devices
* Small wedge design easily transports from stage to studio & can be mounted on a speaker stand for loudspeaker applications
* Two speaker stand mounts allow horizontal & vertical mounting
* Full compliment of DSP effects w/ON/OFF switch designed especially for vocals & spoken word
* Three channels w/connections for 2 microphones, MP3 player/laptop, & stereo audio device
* Individual loop jacks on each channel for connecting to external effects devices
* Five-band equalizer to fine-tune the sound of your source music
* Retain full control over your vocal sound on stage without the need of a soundman
* Optional Wireless modules available to expand your STAGE-MAN
Rear Panel Connections
* 2x XLR.25-in combo jacks
* 3x external effects loop jacks(one per channel)
* 1/8-in aux in
* RCA L/R aux in
* FX toggle switch jack
* XLR main out
* XLR main in