Five-Way Car Crossover w/2 input channels and 5 outputs including Subsonic Filter
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Manufacturer: STETSOM

Electronic crossover developed with the purpose of providing high performance with improved sound fidelity.
This unit is useful for controlling multiple amplifiers with RCA inputs.
Its reliability is extremely high with low levels of noise and harmonic distortion, great for professional sound work.
Unit has 2 input channels and 5 outputs (FLAT , LOW/REAR , MID LOW , MID HIGH, HIGH) providing a flat frequency response through all operating range.
The output LOW/REAR has a filter (SUBSONIC) of 24 db/8 specifically is designed to reject low frequencies that is not reproduced by the subwoofer, helping to increase their efficiency and durability
* Via High 400Hz - 10KHz (12 dB/8)
* Via Mid 150Hz - 12.5KHz (12 dB/8)
* Via Low 70Hz - 10KHz (12 dB/8)
* Maximum Output Voltage 9V RMS
* Maximum Input Voltage 4V RMS
* Signal to Noise >90dB
* Input Impedance 10K OHMS
* Harmonic Distortion < 0,02% THD
* Channel Separation > 80dB
* Frequency Response 20Hz - 200Khz
* Supply Voltage 10V - 16V DC
* Current Consumption 0,25A MAX
* Impedance Output 50 OHMS
* Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 33 x 264 x 160 mm
* Weight Kg 780g