8-in 3-Way Vocal Speakers
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We asked our customers for feedback on the shortcomings of the karaoke hardware industry, & we were told that a major issue was the absence of quality karaoke speakers designed specifically for vocals.
We were told most Hi-Fi & P.A.
speakers were either too bottom heavy, lacking in midrange, or too hyperactive w/excessive treble response leading to annoying feedback.
To resolve this problem, we proudly designed & introduced the SV Series Vocal Speakers! If you are a vocalist using standard speakers, try these out & see what's been missing from your sound.
* 8-in Coated Woofer w/High Temperature Voice Coil
* Four 3-in Cone Mid/High Drivers for Enhanced Fidelity
* 1-in Top-Mounted Tweeter for Crisp Vocal Reproduction
* PTC Protection Circuitry Protects Against Blown Tweeters
* Max Power Output:150W Peak (100W RMS)
* Impedance:8 Ohm
* Sensitivity:91dB
* Freq.Response:20Hz-25Khz
Actual Unit Dimensions: 17.5-in (W) x 11-in (D) x 12.25-in (H)
Actual Unit Weight: 25 lbs each
Shipping Dimensions: 27.5-in (L) x 21.5-in (W) x 16-in (H)
Shipping Weight: 58 lbs
Rear Panel Connections: * "Banana" speaker connector / Bare wire screw connectors