Professional Audio/Video Mixer W/Multiple channel video blending technology
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Manufacturer: PIONEER PRO DJ

11-inch LCD touch-panel display
Multiple channel video blending technology
Audio video effect function
Multiple Video Blending Technology
DJs can synchronize audio & video w/up to four sources simultaneously.
Each of the four channels features independent fading & equalization for traditional mixing techniques.
The mixer is also capable of sound-only or visual-only control for creative mixing according to the DJ/VJ style.
For enhanced visuals of any mix, the cross fader is capable of various video effects such as FADE, WIPE & CHROMAKEY.
Audio Video Effect Function
An Audio Video Effect function enables the user to fully synchronize audio & video effects utilizing a built-in 11-inch touch-panel LCD display.
w/up to 30 built-in audio & video effects, users have the ability to quickly create exciting visual treatments orchestrated to music.
When video isn t available from a source, such as a CD, the DJ can still create a visual performance through pre-loaded graphics & images accessed from an animated on-screen icon for quick selection.
AV Beat Effect: The mixer automatically detects the tempo of the music & synchs it w/the video content.
Twelve beat effects are available including Delay, Echo, Pan, Transformer, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Robot, Chorus, Roll & Reverse Roll which can also be combined w/other visual effects such as Inverse, Edge & Hue for numerous arrangements.
AV Touch Effect: Taking advantage of the large touch-screen display, users can quickly access 12 touch effect patterns including Ripple, Lens, Spot, Radiation, Cube, Block, Kaleidoscope, Twist, Zoom, Drop, Blur & Distortion.
Each effect contains four parameters to create different variations on the screen.
Text Effect: Custom text messages can also be displayed to the tempo of the music in various beat-linked expressions.
Six text patterns are available including Random, Zoom, Block, Rotation, Crush & Slide which can also be inputted through its built-in USB connection.
JPEG Viewer Function
The SVM-1000 lets users incorporate their own images & photos from an external memory device for use in their performance through a SD slot & USB connection.
Its “Still Image Sampler" further enhances visuals by mixing images, such as logos of DJs, events or sponsors w/videos or other still images w/the ability to loop & play them as a slide show.
Audio & Video Quality
Audio: The mixer employs 96 kHz/24-bit digital sampling & a 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for the highest quality audio.
The SVM-1000 integrates various features to maximize audio quality: high rigidity chassis for minimizing unnecessary vibration, dual-shield structure for eliminating digital noise & high performance/low noise power supply for clean & powerful sound.
Video: The video signal input through the Analog to Digital Converter is image processed at 600MHz/32-bit/4800MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) to maintain high dynamic range & minimized noise resulting in accurate & clear visuals.
Other Performance Features:
Video Trim: Enables adjustment of brightness for each input video channel.
Video EQ: Assignment of video parameters such as RGB, contrast, hue or saturation allows equalization & synchronization of audio & video.
Fader Start: Allows the cross fader to start other Pioneer players.
Fully Assignable MIDI: Control of external MIDI equipment such as effectors or DJ/VJ computer software
Video Monitor Select: One touch on-screen video selection.
Channel 4
* CD/Line Input 6
* Phono Input 2
* Digital Input 2 (COAXIAL)
* Mic Input 2 (XLR/PHONE)
* Touch Panel Yes
* Beat Effect 12 types
* MIDI Interface DIN/USB
* Channel 4
* Channel EQ 3-Band
* EQ Range -26 / +6dB
* Channel Fader Curve Adjustment 3 Curves
* Level Meter Type Individual
* Master Output (XLR) 1
* Master Output (RCA) 1
* Booth Monitor Output (TRS Phone) 1
* REC Output (RCA) 1
* Digital Output 1
* Composite Output 3 (2RCA/1BNC)
* Component Output 1
* S Video Ou

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