Single Channel Competition Class D Very High Power Audio Car Amplifier 160,000 watts RMS
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* Line: High Voltage
* Reference: HV 160.000 - 0.25OHM
* Operation Class: Classe D
* Number of Channels: 01
* Max Output Power: @ 300 VDC - 0.25 OHM *: 160,000 WRMS (* For competition)
* Input Sensitivity: 360mV (With level at 100%) @ 0.5 OHM
* Signal Noise / Ratio:> 95dB
* Frequency Response: -0.5dB ~ 10Hz to 15KHz
* Input Impedance: 27K Ohms (RCA) / 54K Ohms (Balanced)
* Protection System: Short on output and short on output relative to GND - Low / High Voltage - Controlled Thermal Protection
* Maximum Supply Voltage: 360VDC
* Idle Consumption: 125mA to 300VDC
* Musical Maximum Consumption: @ 0,25 OHM 280 Amperes
* Sinusoidal Signal Maximum Consumption: @ 0.25 OHM (100Hz) 560 Amps
* Dimensions (WxHxD): 239 x 73 x 561mm
* Additional Information: * For competition: it is possible to use the product in 0.25 OHM.
Use 24 batteries (300 VDC)
* ** The HV160.000 has a controlled thermal protection system.
When the amplifier reaches the temperature equivalent to 90ºC, the thermal protection is activated, the audio stops and the yellow LED starts blinking.
Only when the amplifier reaches a temperature of 70ºC will the audio be released and the amplifier will return to normal.
(This cooling time is called a hysteresis).
* We recommend not to turn off the amplifier so that the cooling time is shorter, through the cooler ventilation

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