GOLD 12-in 50W 8 Ohm Guitar Speaker
SKU: T5471
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Manufacturer: CELESTION

* Nominal diameter: 12-in, 305mm * Power rating: 50 Watts RMS * Nominal impedance: Available 8 or 15 Ohms * Sensitivity: 100dB * Chassis type: Pressed steel * Voice coil diameter: 1.75-in, 44.5mm * Voice Coil material: Round copper * Magnet type: Alnico * Frequency range: 75-5000Hz * Resonance frequency, Fs: 75Hz Building on the platform of the Blue, the Gold is a higher-powered, Alnico-magnet speaker that recreates the unmistakable sonic signature of a 'well played-in' original.
Over time, the high frequencies of a Blue soften & become less chalky as the cone becomes more flexible - a much sought after characteristic that the Gold exhibits straight out of the box.
Also present in the Gold sound from the outset is an added warmth & complexity in the midrange which, coupled w/the classic Alnico qualities of a laid-back attack, rounded low end & brilliant bell-like highs, deliver huge rhythm voicings & saturated vocal lead tones. The Gold is a wonderfully expressive & revealing loudspeaker, affording guitarists an unprecedented degree of dynamic control.
It has already become a favourite for many working players worldwide whether picking & bending w/Brad Paisley, or rocking hard w/Danny Spitz of Anthrax.

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