Car Stereo Five-Way Electronic Crossover w/Easy Plug-in Under Dash Remote Subwoofer Level Control
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Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED

The TBHMCD360MK2 is an Electronic Crossover Network with which you can install various types of multi-amplifier systems in a car.
It is to be used with high quality power amplifiers and speakers in a multi-amplifier systems for hi-fi (high fidelity) sound reproduction.
It has linear phase active filters (Bessel function type) with which the group delay of the audio signals can be kept constant from
the filter pass¬bands to crossover frequencies even if the filters provide high rejection above and below their passband frequencies.
Because of this, you will be satisfied with hi-fi sound particularly between the low and mid-Iow audio frequency ranges and the richness of bass sound.
Having the TBHMCD360MK2 in the center of your multi-amplifier car stereo system, your car stereo system will provide you with the ultimate in hi-fi reproduction.

* Linear phase filters (Bessel function type) realize natural and equal sound levels in and around the passband frequency.
* Hi-fi electrolytic capacitors especially designed for dynamic sound reproduction
* Phase inversion switches for checking easily a sound continuity between mid and high range speakers
* 180 Hz mid cut controls with Q switch es for adjusting a low and mid-Iow sound 40Hz bass boost control for dynamic bass reproduction
* Linear phase filters (Bessel function type) Most of the channel dividers currently available employ flat response filters (Butterworth type).
* The group delay characteristic of the type of filters is much worse than that of the linear phase filters, and this causes transient distortion in the audio signals at each filters crossover frequency.
* To reduce that distortion and to obtain hi-fi sound, linear phase filters (Bessed function type) are used for the TBHMCD360MK2.

* Optional crossover frequencies: Mid: FLAT, 80, 120, 180Hz, 2.4K, 3.5K, 5KHz; * High: 2.4K, 3.5K, 5K, 7KHz.
; Sub: 50, 80, 120, 180 Hz.
* Gain: 0dB (Front & Rear), +6 dB (Sub-woofer).
* Harmonic distortion: Less than 0.003%.
* Signal-to-noise ratio: more than 105dB.
* Frequeney response: 3Hz to 150KHz (+/- 3dB) .
* Crossover slope: -12 dB/oet (Front & Rear), -18 dB/oct (Sub-woofer).
* Mid out: -10dB to 0dB(180Hz), Q=1,3,6.
* Bass boost: 0 to +10dB(40Hz)
* Power requirements: 12V DC car battery (negative ground).
* Current drain: 220 mA.
* Power control from 12v+ input.
* Line input (6 phono jacks)
* Line output (10 phono jacks) *

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