Switched Mode Power Supply for Demo and Competition Displays Requires 127-220 Volts
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

Digital Automotive Source Taramps TEF 240A 144 V Bivolt Power Supply is used to relieve and Extra Burden on your battery and you can rest assured about the functionality of all that is installed in your car.
With an efficiency of 85%, this equipment is dual voltage (127 / 220V AC), has a nominal power output of 100 amperes.
The source is capable of providing enough energy to maintain a sound system of up to 6000 Watts RMS in musical signal.
* Power: Bivolt Auto (127 / 220V AC)
* Voltages range Network 127V: 100 to 140V AC
* Voltages range Network 220V: 190 to 240V AC
* Rated Current Max Output (*): 240 Amperes
* Maximum Output Power: 3400W
* Efficiency: 90%
* Consumption Max 127V Network: 39 Amperes
* Consumption Max 220V Network: 27 Amperes
* Maximum fluctuation at full load (240A @ 14.2V): <2%
* Input Fuse (internal): 2 x 20A, porcelain
* Output voltages: 12.6V / 13.8V / 14.4
* Important: The installation must be done by a specialist.