6-in mid-range driver w/Closed back chassis
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Manufacturer: CELESTION

* 6-in mid-range driver providing 97dB sensitivity & 50 Watts RMS (AES standard) power handling * 1.5-in high temperature copper voice coil wound on polyimide former for increased reliability * Very compact model suitable for use in 3-way systems * Optimised to deliver detailed reproduction of mid-range frequencies * Closed back chassis simplifies cabinet manufacture, eliminating need for separate mid-range enclosure * Nominal diameter: 152mm/6-in * Power rating: 1.: 50 Watts RMS * Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms * Sensitivity: 2: 97dB * Frequency range: 500-5000Hz * Voice coil diameter: 38mm/1.5-in * Chassis type: Pressed steel * Magnet type: Ferrite * Magnet weight: 0.48kg/17oz * Coil material: Round copper * Former material: Polyimide * Cone material: Kevlar loaded paper * Surround material: Treated paper * Suspension: Single Small Signal Parameters * Fs: 500Hz * Re: 5.7O * Le (at 1kHz): 0.27mH * Overall diameter: 178mm/7.01-in * Overall depth: 74mm/2.91-in * Cut-out diameter: 147mm/5.79-in * Mounting slot dimensions: Ø 4.3mm/0.17-in * Number of mounting slots: .: 4 * Mounting PCD range.: 168.5mm/6.63-in * Unit weight: 1.4kg/3.1lb * Packed Dimensions & Weight: * Single pack size: W x D x H: 190mm x 200mm x 90mm; /7.5in x 7.9in x 3.5-in * Single pack Weight: .
2kg/4.4lb * Multipack (140) size W x D x H .
1070 mm x 850mm x 860mm; /42.1in x 33.5in x 33.9-in * Multipack (140) weight.: 295kg/650lb