Car Power Converter 7A - (2.86KVA) 110-220VAC Output
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

* Rated current output: 7 Amperes.
* Range of Voltages in Network 127V: 115 to 140V AC.
* Range of Voltages in Network 220V: 210 to 240V AC.
* Input fuse (internal): 30A, fast action.
* Consumption Mx.
In Network 127V: 20 Amps.
* Consumption Mx.
In Network 220V: 13 Amps.
* Output voltage: (Maximum) - 300V.
* Dimensions (WxHxD): 268mm x 72mm x 290mm.
* Additional information: Electronic current limiter system
* Thermal protection system
* Forced ventilation.