600 watts maximum class D power w/15-in specially designed bass guitar combo
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Manufacturer: PEAVEY

A 600w 1x15-in bass guitar combo.
The top loaded, kick back design of the cabinet is a design bridge between the Tour Series heads & cabs & the new ProBass Combos.
The 1/4-in input has a bright switch & an active/passive switch.
There's a pre gain knob & a contour switch for a pre-shape eq.
There is also a crunch switch to add a tube like distortion effect.
A 2 band eq is next, w/a 7 band graphic, w/a defeat switch.
Also included is a one knob compressor, w/a defeat switch.
An effects loop, footswitch input, master volume & DDT on/off switch completes the front panel.
The class D power drives a ceramic 15-in speaker & hf tweeter.
* 600 watts maximum class D power
* 15-in specially designed speaker
* High Frequency tweeter
* 7-band graphic EQ
* High & Low Shelving controls
* Pre shape contour switch
* Bright switch
* Active/Passive pickup switch
* Crunch switch adds tube-like crunch effect
* Compressor w/defeat switch
* Footswitch controls crunch & compressor (footswitch not included)
* Effects Loop
* Master Volume
* Headphone output
* Tweeter on/off switch
* DDTT speaker protection
* Powered speaker output w/Speakonr jack
* Convenient kick-back design
* Legendary Peavey reliability
* Lighted Peavey logo
* Weight Unpacked: 75.18 lb(34.1 kg)
* Weight Packed: 82.01 lb(37.2 kg)
* Width Packed: 26-in(66.04 cm)
* Height Packed: 27.5-in(69.85 cm)
* Depth Packed: 23.75-in(60.325 cm)

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