2-in PRO series Driver w/200W maximum power & 100W nominal power REQUIRES UD-H1425PRO Horn
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Are you ready to go P.R.O.?
* The Pioneer Reference for Open Show series of speakers is designed specifically for those looking to produce some serious sound pressure levels.
Inspired by Pioneer's history of record-breaking SPL competition, this line of speakers is constructed w/the street enthusiast in mind.
w/an emphasis on efficiency & power handling, the P.R.O.
series line-up consists of bullet tweeters, mid bass drivers, a horn & subwoofers that can be mixed & matched to deliver impressive output, without requiring an impressive investment.
Fire up your speakers
* Do you also love to pump loud music through your speakers? Thanks to a large strontium magnet the TS-DR250PRO produces high sound pressure levels for an intensely strong bass sound & great performance accuracy.
Hook this Driver unit up to the UD-H1425PRO Horn & get ready to be blown away.
Together they do not only realize an even higher sensitivity - up-to 106dB! - but they have an incredibly wide range as well.
* Throat Size: .025mm or 1-in
* Sensitivity: 108 DB
* Size: 50 mm (driver)
* Max.
Music Power Nominal: 200 W (100 W)
* Frequency Response: 600 Hz to 10 kHz
* Sensitivity: 108 dB
* Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Mounting Depth: 195 mm