Nautica Series 8-in Marine-Use 2-Way Speaker w/200 Watts Maximum Power
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40 Watts Nominal Power
Water-Resistant IMPP Composite Cone Woofer
Poly-Imide Reflex Horn Tweeter
This is marine audio at its best.
This 8" two-way speaker is built specifically for marine use, w/heavy-duty construction that strenuously resists water, corrosion, heat--and boring music.
Pioneer research showed that more bass is required for boating applications, & this 8" size delivers.
Some other key features include:
* Water-resistant IMPP Composite Cone -- Pioneer's popular injection molded polypylene (IMPP) cones produce outstanding mid-bass response & resist the effects of salt water, humidity & extreme heat.
* A_" Poly-Imide Reflex Horn Tweeter -- The Reflex Horn design is a Pioneer innovation that delivers stunning high frequencies while at the same time providing protection for the tweeter from moisture.
* Elastomer Surround -- Each speaker utilizes an elastomer surround that resists color fading or running, which extends the longevity of the product.
* Acrylonitrile-Elastomer Styrene (AES) Glass Fiber Reinforced Basket/Magnet Cover -- The AES cover protects the magnetic circuit that can affect the performance of the speaker.
The speakers also sport the pure white AES grilles to resist fading & yellowing caused by direct sunlight & heat.
* Gold Tinsel Wire -- Gold tinsel wire & gold plated wire terminals are used for better current transfer.
* Size: 8-in
* Max.
Music Power (Nominal): 200 W (40 W)
* Cone Material: Water-Resistant IMPP
* Frequency Response: 25 Hz to 30 kHz
* Sensitivity (1 W/1 m): 92 dB
* Impedance: 4 Ic
* Crossover Frequency:
* Mounting Depth: 3-in
* Cut-Out Dimensions: 7-1/4-in