U-DIAMOND Crystal Studded UHF Wireless Microphone (capatible with UHF-5800,UHF-8800,UHF-18,UHF-28,UHF-3200)
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You should look as stunning as you sound on stage.
The U-DIAMOND microphone w/its crystal-studding can add that extra bling to elevate your presence to a new level! Pick up your U-DIAMOND wireless mic, & SHINE!
* Comes w/1 microphone (transmitter only)
* Frequency: M ONLY (Frequencies available: M, N, O, P, PII, Q, R, S, T)
* Available in multiple brilliant colors
* Compatible w/UHF 5800, UHF-8800, UHF-18, UHF-28, UHF-3200
* FCC license may be required
* Not a stand-alone unit, must be used in combination w/a compatible unit