UHF Dual-Channel Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System, Frequency Sets of this unit: M, N
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testThe UHF-3205 operates on the less-crowded UHF frequency band giving you a clearer, interference-free sound.
Each mic channel has its own volume control & you can either output both channels independently or together using the "mixed output" channel.
Included in this package are two wireless rechargeable microphones w/upgraded, durable metal bodies.
Enjoy wireless freedom at home or in the club w/the UHF-3205.
* Frequency Sets of this unit: M, N
* Complies w/New FCC Frequency Rules
* 2 wireless handheld mics included
* 2 unbalanced mic outputs (1/4-in) & 1 mixed output (1/4-in)
* Rugged mic grills protect the microphone cartridge & prevent the mic from rolling
* Individual volume controls for precise vocal balancing
* Low battery indicator (LED) on mics
* Dual antennas provide clear signal reception
* Rugged 1 RU metal receiver chassis
* Wireless Microphone recharger
* Interference-resistant UHF Band operation
* Shipping Dimensions: 13.5-in (L) x 17.5-in (W) x 4.5-in (H)
* Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
* FCC license may be required