UHF-PLL Wireless Microphone System with frequency Scan
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Tired of unexpected radio interference ruining your shows? Musicians & DJs have always had one major problem w/wireless mic systems: When you go to a new location for a gig, there may be local radio interference that causes your wireless mics to malfunction.
The UHF-5900 wireless mic system solves this problem.
w/the frequency scan feature, you can automatically search & set to an interference free frequency! You can also change the frequency manually to one of the 150+ available frequencies.
With the UHF-5900, radio interference will be a thing of the past.
* Operates In The FCC Compliant 600MHz Band
* Includes Four UHF Wireless Microphones
* Frequency Scan Feature Finds Interference Free Frequencies
* More Than 150 Wireless Frequencies To Choose From
* LCD Display Windows Show Frequency & Other Information
* 19" Rack Mount Compatible, Uses Only 1 Rack Space
* Independent Channel Power Switches & Volume Controls
* Four XLR Independent Channel Audio Outputs
* One 1/4-in Mixed Audio Output
* Microphones Use AA Batteries
* Includes Handy Carrying Case
Actual Unit Dimensions:
16.75" (W) x 10" (D) x 1.75" (H)
Actual Unit Weight: * 14.5 lbs Shipping Dimensions:
* 13.5"(L) x * 21.5"(W) x * 6.5" (H)
Shipping Weight: * 15.5 lbs
Rear Panel Connections:
4 XLR mic outputs
1/4-in mixed output