Microphone Boom Arm w/Patented One-touch Adjustment & Die-Cast Counterweight - Fixed Length w/Boom Length: 34.75-in
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Cassette tapes & black & white televisions have both given way to stamp-sized MP3 players & wall-sized widescreens.
It’s high time to throw your vintage microphone boom arms into the same waste pile you tossed your bell bottoms & the AMC Gremlin your parents drove in high school.
Welcome to the Ulti-Boom Pro evolved boom arms.
Welcome to the future.
* Ulti-Boom Pro Product Breakdown:
* One Knob To Rule Them All!
* Heavy-duty Counterweight
* Aluminum Tubing w/Architectural Anodized Finish
* One Knob To Rule Them All!
* Four Degrees of Freedom! That’s how we affectionately describe our patented ball-in-joint boom arm clamp.
w/just one Z-Knob, you can take control of tilt (angle), pan (left to right), depth (toward or away from you), & rotation (twisting the mic one way or the other)! It’s quiet, easy, fast, & well, kinda fun!
* Heavy-duty Counterweight
* Is that a real counterweight, or are you just glad to see me? Why, thank you for asking.
YES! That is a real counterweight (and, we’re also glad to see you).
Ulti-Boom Pro features a .65-pound die-cast zinc counterweight - not the cheesy, flimbsy, plastic piece you see on all the other boom arms.
Makes you wonder what exactly those are for.
The Ulti-Boom Pro's counterweight offers true balance & stability & is 30x stronger than other ABS or Nylon counterweights!
* The complete boom (mast & telescoping tube) use oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality, & weight savings.
What's more, thanks to the architectural anodized finish (the same type of finish found on stadium bleachers), an Ulti-Boom will not rust or corrode & is 2x to 20x more durable than competing boom arm finishes.
* Ulti-Boom Pro Specs:
* Part Name: Ulti-Boom-Pro-FB
* Product Number: 17650
* Boom Type: Fixed
* Boom Length: 34.75-in (883mm)
* Counterweight: .65 lbs.
(.3 kg)
* Weight: 1.95 lbs.
(.9 kg)