Series ONE Drum Kit Soft Cases (6.5x14, 10x12, 11x13, 16x16, 18x22)
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Series ONE sets of soft cases for drum kits are the perfect balance of price & performance.
The thick foam padding & soft Nylex interiors provide more protection inside & out than similarly priced soft bags.
Series ONE soft cases are constructed of an 840 Dobby exterior that is extra durable & super easy to clean.
On the inside, we've provided 20mm of Medium Density Open Cell Foam to keep your drums safe from the daily bumps of gigging & traveling.
Plus, Series ONE features heavy-duty zippers & custom ergonomic zipper pulls.
You can choose between three Series ONE 5-piece sets (Rock, Jazz, & Fusion), an individual Series ONE Snare Bag (5.5x14), or the popular Series ONE Cymbal Backpack.
Series ONE (Rock Set) Dimensions:
* Recommended Drum Size (Diameter x Height): 22-in x 18-in , 16-in x 16-in , 13-in x 11-in , 12-in x 10", 14-in x 6.5-in
* Exterior Bag Size (Diameter x Height): 25.6-in x 22.4-in , 18.9-in x 17.7-in , 15-in x 13-in , 14.4-in x 11.8-in , 17.3-in x 8.7