VEGA 5-Channel Auto Amplifier / 150x4 at 2 Ohms / 80 Watts x 4 at 4 Ohms / 600X1 at 2 Ohms RMS
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Cerwin-Vega Mobile is always pursuing new technology in this modern age.
Combine that w/timeless design & you have our brand new VEGA series amplifiers.
The new VEGA series amplifiers utilizes the latest high efficiency full-range digital topology design to deliver greater power in a much more smaller footprint than previous VEGA series models.
Manufactured w/the latest in surface mount component technology & building on the foundation of an industrial grade 4-layer PCB, there was no compromises made when we designed the VEGA series amplifiers.
The multi-channel V400.2 & V600.4 are equipped w/single sided connections & designed w/top panel mount controls for easy accessibility for system tuning.
Both models over deliver on power.
The 5-channel V1100.5 model is the latest addition to the VEGA series & offers the same feature sets while providing tremendous flexibility & installation options for any car audio system design.
The full-range digital Class D mono-block models V750.1D, V1000.1D, & V1500.1D are highly efficient amplifiers that can play all day long under the most demanding conditions of use.
Move forward w/the VEGA series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega Mobile! VEGA-
* Latest High Efficiency Full Range Digital Topology
* Surface Mount Component Technology w/4-Layer PCB
* Tiffany Style Low Level RCA Inputs
* Compact Size w/Single Sided Connections & Top Mount Controls
* Convenient Output Clip indication for easy system set up
* Fully variable HP/LP crossovers 40-400 Hz
* Proprietary Vega Bass Boost up to 18dB
* Signal to noise at: 95dB, Frequency response 20-20Khz
* Power Handling: 150x4 at 2 Ohms / 80Wx4 at 4 Ohms / 600X1 at 2 Ohms RMS.
* Signal to Noise / THD: '-96.7dBa / 0.31%.
* Input Sens.
/ Min-Max Voltage: 0.2V - 5.0V / 10.0VDC-17.0VDC.
* Crossover: 40Hz-400Hz(LP/HP).
* Frequency Response: 10Hz-35KHz.
* Remote Level Control / Bass EQ: 40Hz-250Hz.
* Dimensions: 1.93"/49mm X 7.25"/164.15mm X 12.44"/316mm.