Dual Channel VHF Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System, Frequency Sets: VHF A, VHF B
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Need the freedom from cables that a wireless system provides but tired of constantly replacing batteries? Then the VHF-3308 is your answer, delivering fully rechargeable dual wireless microphones.
The best part is how simple it is to recharge the batteries, & the bonus is the money & waste you'll save by going rechargeable.
Just setting each mic in the terminal on top of the receiver while not in use is all you'll need to do to prepare the VHF-3308 for your next performance.
It's that easy? no additional connections to worry about.
VocoPro was the first to offer a rechargeable system that charges from its own receiver stand & we?ve done it again w/amazingly affordable VHF-3308.
Who says you have to pay top dollar to enjoy the best? Go w/the Pros.
Go w/VocoPro!
* Frequency Sets: VHF A, VHF B
* New single chip microphone circuit design offers greater system reliability than traditional crystal design
* Pilot tone technology prevents interference from other wireless devices
* New AA battery design doubles operating time compared to 9V
* Includes rechargeable AA batteries (can also run on non-rechargeable batteries)*
* Auto-mute circuitry provides noiseless on/off switching
* Use one or two.25-in outputs for mixed or separate signal output for greater flexibility* *
* Rear Panel Connections: 1/4-in CH A Output; 1/4-in CH B Output
Power Input
* Charging non-rechargeable batteries can cause the batteries to explode & may damage the system
* * One.25-in microphone cable provided in the box