Professional Rack-mountable Mixing Console
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14 mono inputs + 2 stereo inputs, all w/mic preamps & individual 48V phantom power switches
100 mm faders on all inputs & Left, Right & Mono (center) outputs, 60 mm faders on the four subgroups
Four-band EQ on all inputs
18 dB per octave high-pass filters on mono input channels
Insert on all inputs, subgroups, aux outs & L, R & M outputs
Six aux buses, selectable pre or post fader in pairs
Auxes 1 & 2 are configured as Level/Pan for stereo operation
XLR L, R & Mono outputs switchable between line & mic level
1/4-in TRS & RCA connectors provided on alt output, monitor output & tape input
The Crest Audio X-Series is regarded as the most sonically accurate & operationally quiet, professional-level rack-mountable console range in the audio industry.
w/high-end performance & rock-solid construction, the XSeries features a modular design & an extensive feature set suitable for any application.
Available in main & monitor configurations, X-Series models feature up to 14 mono & four stereo inputs.
Long-throw faders, versatile four-band semi-parametric EQ, channel inserts & high-quality microphone preamplifiers are standard.
The X 18R & X 20R consoles have six configurable aux buses & three main buses that provide plenty of front-of-house mixing configurations, while the X 18RM & X 20RM have up to 12 mono or six stereo mix buses for floor or in-ear monitoring.
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz * +0/-1 dB Any input to any output (Ref 1kHz)
+ noise: Any output <0.01% THD 20 Hz to 20 kHz at +15 dBu out
Noise: (22 Hz to 22 kHz Bandwidth) Mic EIN: <-128 dBu (Measured at +60 dB gain, 150 ohms source)
Bus Noise: Below -85 dBu (w/32 Channels Routed)
Crosstalk: Channel Mute >90 dB
Channel Routing >80 dB
Channel fader attenuation >90 dB
Aux Send attenuation >85 dB
Phase shift: <+/-30 degrees 20 Hz to 20 kHz Mic in to Main out
XLR inputs: XLR 4k Ohms Balanced
Max voltage gain: Mic-In To Group To Left/Right Balanced Out = 100 dB
Line-in & TRS: 10 k ohms balanced
RCA tape input: 10 k ohms unbalanced
Bus inputs: 10 k ohms balanced
Main outputs: XLR, 100 ohms Balanced (switchable between line or mic level)
Group outputs: TRS 50 ohms ground compensated
Auxiliary outputs: XLR & TRS 50 ohms ground compensated
Headphones: Stereo, intended to drive > 8 Ohms
Internal power supply: AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz via 15A IEC Mains connector,
Country of ranufacture: China
Weight & Dimensions:
X-18R Inches: 19 X 4.5 X 17.5 MM: 482.6 X 114.3 X 444.5 Weight: 30 lbs 13.6 kg
Dimensions are Width X Depth (Front-to-Back) X Height